Monday, March 10, 2014


Not really noisecore, but LIMBS BIN are definitely a project you should hear. The noise being produced by this guy is one of a kind! Seriously not for the faint hearted though. Latest release ONLY TORTURE melds together the kind of frequencies that could split your skull if it was loud enough. Savage rumbling, insane bursts of frantic noise and some of the freakiest sounding digital effects you've ever laid ears on, LIMBS BIN manage to find the perfect balance and for this kind of shit, that can be pretty tough. The overall sound is awesome, savage and harsh as you like. I'd love to see him perform live or record, i'm very curious as to how he achieves some of the sounds he does. As I said before, not strictly noisecore, although some stuff is pretty close, it's more like Power Electronics or something.. Damn, I hate splitting hairs over genres but I know some people get a boner over it. To me this is just noise. Amazing noise. Literally one of my favorite projects from recent years. Highly recommended is the latest release ONLY TORTURE (available from the UK from Kydoimos records), also check out TOTAL ANGUISH CD-r on No Lights Tonight Records and the PRIMITIVE RESPONSE EP.

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