Friday, July 25, 2014


If you have been keeping up with the blog this band needs no introduction. Even if you haven't you can check out an earlier post here where I attempt to do some justice with a rather sloppy introduction to them. Anyway here at H.A.T. we like ourselves some ANEMIC NOISE HORROR(A.N.H.) and we got a treat sent to us.

Frank Goshit sent us their demo, and it's nothing short of awesome. It's not as lo-fi as I expected it to be. There's almost this cleaness to the recording which was kind of disappointing especially it being a demo and all. But it's worth giving it a couple of listens. The rip sounds like this was just thrown on a tape with other stuff. If you know more about it, comment it up.

Death Victim & Savage Contamination - Death Victim / Savage Contamination - split tape

Another release by Fuck Vinyl Records. This time with indonesian grinders Death Victim and UK/US noisecore Savage Contamination. Go listen to it here. For trades contact:

REVIEW: Warsore & Unholy Grave - Terrirismo Musical / This Must Stop

This masterpiece was released in 1997, limited to 1000 hand numbered copies. Luckily I was able to obtain a copy. Easily one of my favorite grindcore splits. Why not? Two legendary underground bands belting out grindcore madness. What is not to love? So anyway here's my review . . .

Warsore was truly a unique grindcore band. Their energy and rawness has gone unmatched for years. I mean they used a pretty typical formula. Distorted guitar and bass. Nothing over the top. Just loud and distorted. Drumming is typically insane, blasts and what sounds like cymbals being pulverized. The vocals are guttural growls and higher pitched yells. The instruments and vocals blend perfectly. The lyrical content is pretty much political commentary about society. Ranging from disdain to political figures to stealing from the rich to survive, to calling out all the fashion punks out on their bullshit.

I feel like for some reason to this day, bands haven't even come close to matching their intensity. Many have tried and failed, or end up playing overly produced death metal calling it grindcore. Its not that Warsore was the fastest or most technical band ever. Quite the contrary. I believe they just played/recorded with a passion that a lot of bands don't have.

Unholy Grave stuck to the typical grindcore formula also. Grinding guitar/bass with distortion. Blast beats on drums, guttural growls and screams for vocals. I love this side based on just the vocals. The guitar is a little too clean sounding for me not by much though. It reminds me of the 80's hardcore style playing. The drums are pretty much just blasts. The lyrics are what you've come to expect from Unholy Grave, they're all about social and political issues much like Warsore.

Warsore is my favorite band so naturally I liked their side better. Unholy Grave's side is amazing though. It's truly one of the greater grindcore splits to ever come out. But you be the judge . . .

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Anybody who is even remotely interested in 90's noisecore is probably aware of the legendary GOCHARGE RECORDS. Started in the early 90's by Dan Charge and Frank Goshit, they put out an absolute ton of tapes, almost all of them noise projects consisting of themselves or their friends. This stuff, for me at least, pretty much defines the whole "Shitcore" side of things. I mean, these guys put out most of their tapes on recycled old tapes from junk stores, with very basic packaging/"artwork", and a very primitive sound. Repetitive, noisy, and pretty much a rejection of everything that music had to offer. Recorded cheap, and sent only to those very few noisefreaks that were into this stuff back then. From what I hear only a handful of people actually ever bought tapes, although some of those guys it seems would buy/trade almost all of them. There are probably no physical copies left of most of this stuff, although there must be some copies of the compilations at least. If anyone wants to supply me with some photos of these tapes (if anyone owns any) that would be real cool.

Most of the stuff that was put out on Gocharge records is pretty obscure, but there were some releases of bands that went on to become legends in the noise scene, such as Anal Jackson, Clitoris Trafficker, Deche-Charge, Morbid shit, Sonic Disorder, and Anal Smegma among others. Also some members of these bands went on to form grind bands, noise bands etc.. that are well known today. More info on who was in what band specifically can be found here. The label lasted until about 1997, when Dan Charge and Frank Goshit both started their own separate labels (Bull Shit Dung Tapes and Worthless Human Flesh Recordings respectively). Enough with the history for now though, this info is freely available to anyone who is interested.

For me, this stuff is the absolute definition of noisecore. My own project was heavily influenced by the stuff on this label. There are a lot of fans of noisecore who don't like this kind of shitcore style stuff.. but for me it's just a continuation of the work of early Deche Charge, 7mon etc..repetitive, furious noise. The GARBAGE GODS Compilations collected together the best material from the Gocharge years, clocking in at roughly 2 and a half hours of pure noisecore. Get both volumes here and enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2014


BARBAROSSAS RHABARBER BARBAREN set you up with this E.P. They have some songs that are musical, yet very basic. Then all the sudden it's like a raging ghost raping your ear drums with violent bursts of chaos. I feel this record is very underrated as far as noisecore goes.

I don't know German And I believe some of them are in Italian also, but based off the artwork and the fact that they covered an Anal Cunt song I'd say that the majority of this record is pretty much joking around. Either way for me this record is pretty excellent.

It's a gem amongst the genre that not too many people mention when talking about it. This is in my top 20 noisecore releases easily, possibly even the top 10. I luckily own both the first and second pressing of this album, which you can easily obtain from discogs if you're in need of it or want to own this awesomeness.

If you prefer your BARBAROSSAS RHABARBER BARBAREN a little more lo-fi well you're in for a treat because I happened to upload their first cassette also. This is a really awesome tape. It's more extreme than Rendezvous Der Sinne, a very little bit anyways. You can grab that here.

Monday, March 31, 2014


It's getting quiet here again! I don't really know what Wayne has been up to, but I've been real busy with new bands, work etc.. Posts will pick up here again though, expect a load of cool old noise downloads soon..

Anyway, if you don't know DEATHWANK, they fucking rule. One of the finest purveyors of noise core out there at the moment, for sure. They pretty much play classic stop/start noisecore, awesome sounding recordings, all their stuff is put out through UK based VILENOISE RECORDINGS.. I don't want to say too much, I'll write up a proper full piece on them at some point. They deserve it. Read this interview, then go and check out their most recent release ATTACK. All their stuff is available for free online, I recommend trying to get their recent split with PISSDEADS on vinyl, (This is the only DW release that I know of that you can't listen to online so GET IT!) or the splits with ANAL-A-GO-GO-GEDDON or SHITNOISE BASTARDS on tape. 

Okay First, Tell us About Deathwank. How did this shit start?
Basically we started jamming and fucking about when we were supposed to be rehearsing for another band and we enjoyed it so much we thought we should continue with it and DEATHWANK was born.

Did you have any inspiration when starting DEATHWANK, noise or otherwise? 
Only to make the most obnoxious racket we could.

Does living in scotland make you want to destroy music?
No, but living in these times with so many fucking morons makes us want to destroy everyfuckingthing. Music is cool, well except all the fucking shite, it's the industry/big business that's the problem and as such it deserves to be destroyed.

How does the DEATHWANK recording process happen? Are things usually organized or do you just get wasted and grind out some noisy tracks?
We don't really have any great master plan - we just plug in and improvise as we have always done from day one. We do try and get other people onvolved mainly on the vocal front for recordings and Live Aktions. So far we have had loads of guest wanks.

What equipment do you use? Do you use a lot of stuff when you play live?
We don't really use loads of equipment, just drums, guitar and distortion pedal and vocals which occasionally has had some effects of some sort but only very rarely.

Tell us a funny DEATHWANK story (If you don't have one, go do something funny)
There are no funny DEATHWANK stories because we are all miserable bastards but we do enjoy laughing at others misfortune and we are going to keep on laughing until the shit hits the fucking fan which it will.

What about titles or lyrics, a lot of your song titles are humorous but sometimes they are also angry or even insightful (insight from a band called DEATHWANK, hahaha). Do you put a lot of thought into those, or just write whatever shite is floating around at the moment?
There aren't really any lyrics except for the odd line or two here and there and of course the odd expletive here and there as well. Vocals are just a series of screams and grunts and the usual barks etc.  As for titles, we just use what we find funny like shit we've heard somewhere, references from film and other music and anything we find generally interesting from a wide variety of sources. The titles should be a clash of the lowbrow and highbrow and should make you think or piss your pants or both.

How do you see the noise scene at the moment... Do you think it's dying, or thriving? 
There seems to be loads of great bands kicking around at the moment though i'm not sure if anyone really gives a fuck, perhaps the internet makes it look like there are lots going on.

Ok finally, any shout outs, anything you wanna say, maybe thank someone? Hard drugs and beer? Aha
Cheers to all the Deathwankers who have helped out with Live Aktions and recordings and thanks to you Liam for the interview and opportunity to be on your fantastic blog. Keep wanking, smoking the good shit and bring back danger!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Not really noisecore, but LIMBS BIN are definitely a project you should hear. The noise being produced by this guy is one of a kind! Seriously not for the faint hearted though. Latest release ONLY TORTURE melds together the kind of frequencies that could split your skull if it was loud enough. Savage rumbling, insane bursts of frantic noise and some of the freakiest sounding digital effects you've ever laid ears on, LIMBS BIN manage to find the perfect balance and for this kind of shit, that can be pretty tough. The overall sound is awesome, savage and harsh as you like. I'd love to see him perform live or record, i'm very curious as to how he achieves some of the sounds he does. As I said before, not strictly noisecore, although some stuff is pretty close, it's more like Power Electronics or something.. Damn, I hate splitting hairs over genres but I know some people get a boner over it. To me this is just noise. Amazing noise. Literally one of my favorite projects from recent years. Highly recommended is the latest release ONLY TORTURE (available from the UK from Kydoimos records), also check out TOTAL ANGUISH CD-r on No Lights Tonight Records and the PRIMITIVE RESPONSE EP.

All releases available here