Saturday, December 21, 2013


This is another band that nobody really seems to know anything about. What I do know is that ONANY BOYS were from the Czech Republic, they played pretty straightforward noisecore, and they only had two releases; a demo cassette, released in 1992, called "Grindy Noisecore" and a split 7" from 1996 with GROSSMEMBER (In 2002 these releases were compiled on the CD "Re-Animation of Tittilating Booby Hullaballoo).
The title of the demo sums up ONANY BOYS' sound quite well - straight forward no-shit grindy noisecore. They may not have the most brutal sound, or even be as lo-fi as you might hope, but this is definitely essential early 90's noisecore. Anyone with more info on this band contact us!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


In 1989 this two man noise-freak madness put out a E.P. that was total musical destruction. Little did they know at the time over 20 years later that silly little 7" would be selling for so much money. I doubt they expected to even get rid of all 250 copies let alone watch it become a staple in any true noisecore maniacs collection. I found out about these dudes from the original noisecore site years and years ago. Luckily I found a copy of this online pretty cheap. It was in great shape too! Instead of a side A and B they did a side ANAL and side ORAL.

Unfortunately Anal Fist used a drum machine. Yeah I know one of the few bands I listen to that uses one. I would have love to hear how insane this band could have gotten with "real" drums, even with a makeshift set. Usually this machine gun drum loop pisses me off and I'll never listen to them again. For some reason this worked in ANAL FIST's favor. They didn't release anything after this and faded into obscurity. I swear some day I'll have a band up here that isn't so obscure and I actually have more information on.

This is everything you'd want in a noisecore band. Hundreds of tracks packed into one 7", lo-fi, raw, intense, distorted, growling/screaming vocals. It's almost indecipherable at certain parts that instruments are really playing with how powerful the vocals are.They claimed to be the fastest band of all the world on the cover. Even in 1989 I don't think they were the fastest, possibly the most ferocious at the time.

I have never seen anyone discuss the subject matter of their tracks. The Anal side has English & German song titles. That range from "Suck My Dick" to "shut up" and various other German phrases that I don't understand. The Oral side interested me the most(that's what she said, hahaha), it seems like most of this side has Russian song titles, and 604-607 are what looks like Arabic or some other middle eastern language. Very strange I know. All that is left to say really is in ANAL FIST's own words..."PLAY IT VERY LOUD!"

Monday, December 16, 2013


Here's some zines I downloaded off a 4shared a couple of years ago...

What is included in the pack is...
Chaotic Noise #3
Destroy The World #5
Gocharge Zine
Mutilated Carcass #3(only parts of it)
Nyktofobia #7
Savannatarashi #1
Sister King Kong #3
Various Scab Mag pages

There's some reading material for you.


Most of you probably know this 2 member band as just A.N.H. a swedish noisecore band. This was kind of short lived I suppose. If you have the demo or split with grunt contact us! There are people that probably have more info than I do. That's all I have. There's a little bit more information on them online at total noisecore.

I hate drum machine noisecore/grind with a passion. Yeah I'm aiming that shit at you Agoraphobic Nosebleed! I can't believe I actually typed that shitty bands names. If you like them too bad, you can fuck off with your trendy/overly produced grindcore bullshit. With that being said there are very few bands I actually like that use one, A.N.H. is one of them.Well based off the one rehearsal I have listened to. Like I said there wasn't much of an output by this band.

A.N.H. kept it pretty lo-fi on the rehearsal. It kind of reminds me of really shitty acoustic black metal at certain parts, although very few. The guitar is kinda bassy sounding, no real feedback and minimal distortion. I'm sure the demo and split with grunt are way better than this. This wasn't the most chaotic rehearsal to come out of Finland but it kept the noisecore attitude. It remained lo-fi, raw, gritty, and anti-music.

I downloaded this off a 4shared a while ago, and listen to it periodically. There's no information of there being a released rehearsal online. So if this really is, it was probably just recorded to tape and passed about amongst friends or something like that. That's just speculation though. I doubt it is the demo, being that this is only 3:28. If you know more please comment or e-mail us! Otherwise you can enjoy this beast here.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I think there's an ongoing theme here with obscure noisecore and this blog. COCKEYED is a Canadian, self proclaimed ultra violent noisecore. I guess that's a fairly accurate description. Pierre-Marc Tremblay the mastermind behind COCKEYED has a couple of other projects. None of them interest me as much as this. I tried to e-mail him in an attempt to gain more information about the project. But the e-mail daemon returned it saying the e-mail wasn't valid anymore. SO I'm guessing this is pretty obscure and rare. The website is unfinished and is crappier than The music isn't that insane for a noisecore band. I think it's really the drums that throw me off. The vocals are blood curdling screams, not the typical grunt or growl. The guitar is a wall of buzzing. It almost sounds like a giant fart. Listening to this makes me really peaceful for some reason. There are some musical elements but not much. In case you're one of these tl;dr people just download the demo.


There's just something about shameless self promotion. Speaking of which this will be released on tape by my label Fuck Vinyl Records You can stream or download the full split there. The Savage Contamination stuff is Liam on vocals, Brandon on guitar, and Wayne(myself) on drums. Animal Chin is Liam's solo project. And Coming From My Penis is my project. There's not really much else to say, it's a 3 way noisecore assault coming out on tape in January. Keep an eye out for it.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Holy crap batman, want to talk about obscure noisecore bands? Sure. Then GENITAL OTORRHOEA PHONOPHOBIC is on the list more than likely. Typical information for an early 90's noisecore band...they're from Brazil, put out a handful of tapes, and not much else is known.

I'm not sure but from checking the internet I have found what I am assuming is a partial discography...

demo 93
demo 94
live in uberaba 20/11/93
Beware Of Noise / G.O.P. - Split Tape - 1995
Noisephobia - 1994
Ameaça / G.O.P. - Split Tape ‎ -1995
(info taken from discogs & total noisecore)

The rehearsal demo... it's a true clusterfuck. I mean that in the best way possible. It's lo-fi, gritty, and full of blasting. Their tracks are the true definition of noisecore. There tended to be almost this trend with some bands(I can name a few that did this) but they say the song title or speak before going into full blown madness.

I love everything about the 93 demo though. From the vocals to the drums to the guitar. It's a buzzing wall of noise, real filthy stuff. Noise maniacs will rejoice at it. Noiseaphobia on the other hand comes off as weaker than their other releases. Which was a little disappointing.

As you probably guessed the second live recording live in Limeria Brasil is my favourite since it's lo-fi, gritty, and explosive sounding just like the rehearsal demo. It's weird how one live recording sounds completely different. The difference from 90 until 92 is uncanny. A total 180. That's not saying I dislike either recording because I like both, just one more than the other. Perhaps it's the way it was recorded.

This review was all scattered brained I know so instead of taking my word for it why don't you check it out and DOWNLOAD their live stuff, 93 demo, rehearsal demo, and Noiseaphobia.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


This is one of those noisecore jems that no one online knows shit about. If they do they're keeping it to themselves. There's even speculation from where GOD AWFUL STENCH is from. Some say it's American, some Holland. I don't fucking know. What I am pretty sure about is that this was released on cassette tape, in 1989. Yep that's it, and not even 100% positive on that. Maybe it was a 7" but I highly doubt it. Now that the boring introduction is out of the way...

I dunno why but this reminds me of Traci Lords Loves Noise on drugs. This is primarily because in-between most songs there is an spoken introduction, strange background sounds like women yelling and the wind blowing. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if this was a one or two man project.

This by no means is brutal by today’s standards. Its about 50/50. There's some slow parts, talking in-between songs, but the blast parts are intense and noisy. The samples are used in strange ways. Sometimes as background noise during the talking. If I had to guess this was probably done in a single sitting out of extreme boredom. There's even a reggae type of noisecore song on this beast. I'm sure most noisecore maniacs won't be disappointed with this. Unless you know you're bald, love Mcdonalds, or Metallica...haha. Although the talking in-between every track can be annoying if you were looking for an ultra brutal noisecore band to listen to. It's a good mix if you ask me but you can be the judge...


If anyone has any more information on this classic, comment or e-mail us. Or you can just make shit up or tell us what you like about this demo so much. I don't care.


It was fairly difficult to choose one band that would start off this blog...
I could scour the internet for information on these guys, but it would yield very little results. And it's probably the same stuff everyone is saying any way. So I'm not going to bore you with that shit.

Their self titled is just simply amazing. It's a must have for any noisecore fan. If you weren't lucky enough to hear this yet you are missing out. I assume their songs are nonsensical and humour based, based off of some song titles that translated. My favorite part of BGT is that there is no guitarist, just bass, drums, and vocals. This makes the songs even more insane to me because their sound is better than most grindcore out today.

This is a pretty intense 11:04. Especially if you remember how old this release is. I think it still holds its own compared to whats being released as grindcore today. It really only slows down at the beginning of a song or if the band is attempting humour. Otherwise you're in for a cyclone of clusterfuckery. Earache records founder described grindcore as the sound of the guitar and not the drums. Maybe in your overly produced bullshit grindcore, not in the noisecore scene. BGT destroyed music without a guitar and still managed to make half the shit coming out today look like what it is, CRAP. But make the decision for yourself.

I will leave you with...

Rehearsals From 1987 & 1988