Thursday, December 12, 2013


It was fairly difficult to choose one band that would start off this blog...
I could scour the internet for information on these guys, but it would yield very little results. And it's probably the same stuff everyone is saying any way. So I'm not going to bore you with that shit.

Their self titled is just simply amazing. It's a must have for any noisecore fan. If you weren't lucky enough to hear this yet you are missing out. I assume their songs are nonsensical and humour based, based off of some song titles that translated. My favorite part of BGT is that there is no guitarist, just bass, drums, and vocals. This makes the songs even more insane to me because their sound is better than most grindcore out today.

This is a pretty intense 11:04. Especially if you remember how old this release is. I think it still holds its own compared to whats being released as grindcore today. It really only slows down at the beginning of a song or if the band is attempting humour. Otherwise you're in for a cyclone of clusterfuckery. Earache records founder described grindcore as the sound of the guitar and not the drums. Maybe in your overly produced bullshit grindcore, not in the noisecore scene. BGT destroyed music without a guitar and still managed to make half the shit coming out today look like what it is, CRAP. But make the decision for yourself.

I will leave you with...

Rehearsals From 1987 & 1988

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