Thursday, December 12, 2013


This is one of those noisecore jems that no one online knows shit about. If they do they're keeping it to themselves. There's even speculation from where GOD AWFUL STENCH is from. Some say it's American, some Holland. I don't fucking know. What I am pretty sure about is that this was released on cassette tape, in 1989. Yep that's it, and not even 100% positive on that. Maybe it was a 7" but I highly doubt it. Now that the boring introduction is out of the way...

I dunno why but this reminds me of Traci Lords Loves Noise on drugs. This is primarily because in-between most songs there is an spoken introduction, strange background sounds like women yelling and the wind blowing. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if this was a one or two man project.

This by no means is brutal by today’s standards. Its about 50/50. There's some slow parts, talking in-between songs, but the blast parts are intense and noisy. The samples are used in strange ways. Sometimes as background noise during the talking. If I had to guess this was probably done in a single sitting out of extreme boredom. There's even a reggae type of noisecore song on this beast. I'm sure most noisecore maniacs won't be disappointed with this. Unless you know you're bald, love Mcdonalds, or Metallica...haha. Although the talking in-between every track can be annoying if you were looking for an ultra brutal noisecore band to listen to. It's a good mix if you ask me but you can be the judge...


If anyone has any more information on this classic, comment or e-mail us. Or you can just make shit up or tell us what you like about this demo so much. I don't care.

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