Sunday, December 15, 2013


I think there's an ongoing theme here with obscure noisecore and this blog. COCKEYED is a Canadian, self proclaimed ultra violent noisecore. I guess that's a fairly accurate description. Pierre-Marc Tremblay the mastermind behind COCKEYED has a couple of other projects. None of them interest me as much as this. I tried to e-mail him in an attempt to gain more information about the project. But the e-mail daemon returned it saying the e-mail wasn't valid anymore. SO I'm guessing this is pretty obscure and rare. The website is unfinished and is crappier than The music isn't that insane for a noisecore band. I think it's really the drums that throw me off. The vocals are blood curdling screams, not the typical grunt or growl. The guitar is a wall of buzzing. It almost sounds like a giant fart. Listening to this makes me really peaceful for some reason. There are some musical elements but not much. In case you're one of these tl;dr people just download the demo.

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