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Holy crap batman, want to talk about obscure noisecore bands? Sure. Then GENITAL OTORRHOEA PHONOPHOBIC is on the list more than likely. Typical information for an early 90's noisecore band...they're from Brazil, put out a handful of tapes, and not much else is known.

I'm not sure but from checking the internet I have found what I am assuming is a partial discography...

demo 93
demo 94
live in uberaba 20/11/93
Beware Of Noise / G.O.P. - Split Tape - 1995
Noisephobia - 1994
Ameaça / G.O.P. - Split Tape ‎ -1995
(info taken from discogs & total noisecore)

The rehearsal demo... it's a true clusterfuck. I mean that in the best way possible. It's lo-fi, gritty, and full of blasting. Their tracks are the true definition of noisecore. There tended to be almost this trend with some bands(I can name a few that did this) but they say the song title or speak before going into full blown madness.

I love everything about the 93 demo though. From the vocals to the drums to the guitar. It's a buzzing wall of noise, real filthy stuff. Noise maniacs will rejoice at it. Noiseaphobia on the other hand comes off as weaker than their other releases. Which was a little disappointing.

As you probably guessed the second live recording live in Limeria Brasil is my favourite since it's lo-fi, gritty, and explosive sounding just like the rehearsal demo. It's weird how one live recording sounds completely different. The difference from 90 until 92 is uncanny. A total 180. That's not saying I dislike either recording because I like both, just one more than the other. Perhaps it's the way it was recorded.

This review was all scattered brained I know so instead of taking my word for it why don't you check it out and DOWNLOAD their live stuff, 93 demo, rehearsal demo, and Noiseaphobia.

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