Monday, December 16, 2013


Most of you probably know this 2 member band as just A.N.H. a swedish noisecore band. This was kind of short lived I suppose. If you have the demo or split with grunt contact us! There are people that probably have more info than I do. That's all I have. There's a little bit more information on them online at total noisecore.

I hate drum machine noisecore/grind with a passion. Yeah I'm aiming that shit at you Agoraphobic Nosebleed! I can't believe I actually typed that shitty bands names. If you like them too bad, you can fuck off with your trendy/overly produced grindcore bullshit. With that being said there are very few bands I actually like that use one, A.N.H. is one of them.Well based off the one rehearsal I have listened to. Like I said there wasn't much of an output by this band.

A.N.H. kept it pretty lo-fi on the rehearsal. It kind of reminds me of really shitty acoustic black metal at certain parts, although very few. The guitar is kinda bassy sounding, no real feedback and minimal distortion. I'm sure the demo and split with grunt are way better than this. This wasn't the most chaotic rehearsal to come out of Finland but it kept the noisecore attitude. It remained lo-fi, raw, gritty, and anti-music.

I downloaded this off a 4shared a while ago, and listen to it periodically. There's no information of there being a released rehearsal online. So if this really is, it was probably just recorded to tape and passed about amongst friends or something like that. That's just speculation though. I doubt it is the demo, being that this is only 3:28. If you know more please comment or e-mail us! Otherwise you can enjoy this beast here.

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