Saturday, December 21, 2013


This is another band that nobody really seems to know anything about. What I do know is that ONANY BOYS were from the Czech Republic, they played pretty straightforward noisecore, and they only had two releases; a demo cassette, released in 1992, called "Grindy Noisecore" and a split 7" from 1996 with GROSSMEMBER (In 2002 these releases were compiled on the CD "Re-Animation of Tittilating Booby Hullaballoo).
The title of the demo sums up ONANY BOYS' sound quite well - straight forward no-shit grindy noisecore. They may not have the most brutal sound, or even be as lo-fi as you might hope, but this is definitely essential early 90's noisecore. Anyone with more info on this band contact us!

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