Tuesday, December 17, 2013


In 1989 this two man noise-freak madness put out a E.P. that was total musical destruction. Little did they know at the time over 20 years later that silly little 7" would be selling for so much money. I doubt they expected to even get rid of all 250 copies let alone watch it become a staple in any true noisecore maniacs collection. I found out about these dudes from the original noisecore site years and years ago. Luckily I found a copy of this online pretty cheap. It was in great shape too! Instead of a side A and B they did a side ANAL and side ORAL.

Unfortunately Anal Fist used a drum machine. Yeah I know one of the few bands I listen to that uses one. I would have love to hear how insane this band could have gotten with "real" drums, even with a makeshift set. Usually this machine gun drum loop pisses me off and I'll never listen to them again. For some reason this worked in ANAL FIST's favor. They didn't release anything after this and faded into obscurity. I swear some day I'll have a band up here that isn't so obscure and I actually have more information on.

This is everything you'd want in a noisecore band. Hundreds of tracks packed into one 7", lo-fi, raw, intense, distorted, growling/screaming vocals. It's almost indecipherable at certain parts that instruments are really playing with how powerful the vocals are.They claimed to be the fastest band of all the world on the cover. Even in 1989 I don't think they were the fastest, possibly the most ferocious at the time.

I have never seen anyone discuss the subject matter of their tracks. The Anal side has English & German song titles. That range from "Suck My Dick" to "shut up" and various other German phrases that I don't understand. The Oral side interested me the most(that's what she said, hahaha), it seems like most of this side has Russian song titles, and 604-607 are what looks like Arabic or some other middle eastern language. Very strange I know. All that is left to say really is in ANAL FIST's own words..."PLAY IT VERY LOUD!"

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  1. There are more than 250 copies, as a friend of mine has a white vinyl copy with a higher number on it. Maybe there were two presses.