Friday, April 4, 2014


BARBAROSSAS RHABARBER BARBAREN set you up with this E.P. They have some songs that are musical, yet very basic. Then all the sudden it's like a raging ghost raping your ear drums with violent bursts of chaos. I feel this record is very underrated as far as noisecore goes.

I don't know German And I believe some of them are in Italian also, but based off the artwork and the fact that they covered an Anal Cunt song I'd say that the majority of this record is pretty much joking around. Either way for me this record is pretty excellent.

It's a gem amongst the genre that not too many people mention when talking about it. This is in my top 20 noisecore releases easily, possibly even the top 10. I luckily own both the first and second pressing of this album, which you can easily obtain from discogs if you're in need of it or want to own this awesomeness.

If you prefer your BARBAROSSAS RHABARBER BARBAREN a little more lo-fi well you're in for a treat because I happened to upload their first cassette also. This is a really awesome tape. It's more extreme than Rendezvous Der Sinne, a very little bit anyways. You can grab that here.

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