Monday, March 31, 2014


It's getting quiet here again! I don't really know what Wayne has been up to, but I've been real busy with new bands, work etc.. Posts will pick up here again though, expect a load of cool old noise downloads soon..

Anyway, if you don't know DEATHWANK, they fucking rule. One of the finest purveyors of noise core out there at the moment, for sure. They pretty much play classic stop/start noisecore, awesome sounding recordings, all their stuff is put out through UK based VILENOISE RECORDINGS.. I don't want to say too much, I'll write up a proper full piece on them at some point. They deserve it. Read this interview, then go and check out their most recent release ATTACK. All their stuff is available for free online, I recommend trying to get their recent split with PISSDEADS on vinyl, (This is the only DW release that I know of that you can't listen to online so GET IT!) or the splits with ANAL-A-GO-GO-GEDDON or SHITNOISE BASTARDS on tape. 

Okay First, Tell us About Deathwank. How did this shit start?
Basically we started jamming and fucking about when we were supposed to be rehearsing for another band and we enjoyed it so much we thought we should continue with it and DEATHWANK was born.

Did you have any inspiration when starting DEATHWANK, noise or otherwise? 
Only to make the most obnoxious racket we could.

Does living in scotland make you want to destroy music?
No, but living in these times with so many fucking morons makes us want to destroy everyfuckingthing. Music is cool, well except all the fucking shite, it's the industry/big business that's the problem and as such it deserves to be destroyed.

How does the DEATHWANK recording process happen? Are things usually organized or do you just get wasted and grind out some noisy tracks?
We don't really have any great master plan - we just plug in and improvise as we have always done from day one. We do try and get other people onvolved mainly on the vocal front for recordings and Live Aktions. So far we have had loads of guest wanks.

What equipment do you use? Do you use a lot of stuff when you play live?
We don't really use loads of equipment, just drums, guitar and distortion pedal and vocals which occasionally has had some effects of some sort but only very rarely.

Tell us a funny DEATHWANK story (If you don't have one, go do something funny)
There are no funny DEATHWANK stories because we are all miserable bastards but we do enjoy laughing at others misfortune and we are going to keep on laughing until the shit hits the fucking fan which it will.

What about titles or lyrics, a lot of your song titles are humorous but sometimes they are also angry or even insightful (insight from a band called DEATHWANK, hahaha). Do you put a lot of thought into those, or just write whatever shite is floating around at the moment?
There aren't really any lyrics except for the odd line or two here and there and of course the odd expletive here and there as well. Vocals are just a series of screams and grunts and the usual barks etc.  As for titles, we just use what we find funny like shit we've heard somewhere, references from film and other music and anything we find generally interesting from a wide variety of sources. The titles should be a clash of the lowbrow and highbrow and should make you think or piss your pants or both.

How do you see the noise scene at the moment... Do you think it's dying, or thriving? 
There seems to be loads of great bands kicking around at the moment though i'm not sure if anyone really gives a fuck, perhaps the internet makes it look like there are lots going on.

Ok finally, any shout outs, anything you wanna say, maybe thank someone? Hard drugs and beer? Aha
Cheers to all the Deathwankers who have helped out with Live Aktions and recordings and thanks to you Liam for the interview and opportunity to be on your fantastic blog. Keep wanking, smoking the good shit and bring back danger!

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