Sunday, July 13, 2014


Anybody who is even remotely interested in 90's noisecore is probably aware of the legendary GOCHARGE RECORDS. Started in the early 90's by Dan Charge and Frank Goshit, they put out an absolute ton of tapes, almost all of them noise projects consisting of themselves or their friends. This stuff, for me at least, pretty much defines the whole "Shitcore" side of things. I mean, these guys put out most of their tapes on recycled old tapes from junk stores, with very basic packaging/"artwork", and a very primitive sound. Repetitive, noisy, and pretty much a rejection of everything that music had to offer. Recorded cheap, and sent only to those very few noisefreaks that were into this stuff back then. From what I hear only a handful of people actually ever bought tapes, although some of those guys it seems would buy/trade almost all of them. There are probably no physical copies left of most of this stuff, although there must be some copies of the compilations at least. If anyone wants to supply me with some photos of these tapes (if anyone owns any) that would be real cool.

Most of the stuff that was put out on Gocharge records is pretty obscure, but there were some releases of bands that went on to become legends in the noise scene, such as Anal Jackson, Clitoris Trafficker, Deche-Charge, Morbid shit, Sonic Disorder, and Anal Smegma among others. Also some members of these bands went on to form grind bands, noise bands etc.. that are well known today. More info on who was in what band specifically can be found here. The label lasted until about 1997, when Dan Charge and Frank Goshit both started their own separate labels (Bull Shit Dung Tapes and Worthless Human Flesh Recordings respectively). Enough with the history for now though, this info is freely available to anyone who is interested.

For me, this stuff is the absolute definition of noisecore. My own project was heavily influenced by the stuff on this label. There are a lot of fans of noisecore who don't like this kind of shitcore style stuff.. but for me it's just a continuation of the work of early Deche Charge, 7mon etc..repetitive, furious noise. The GARBAGE GODS Compilations collected together the best material from the Gocharge years, clocking in at roughly 2 and a half hours of pure noisecore. Get both volumes here and enjoy!

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